Plesk 451 4.7.1 Service unavailable – try again later

Some emails may be delayed by your server or may be rejected by the server. Analysis of this error on Plesk Linux servers; let’s do,

First of all, from a service provider (Hotmail is preferable.) Let us a mail to the address in a domain located on our Plesk Linux server, then connect with ssh,

tail -1000 /usr/local/PSA/var/log/maillog | grep [email protected]

Let’s see the error returned with the command; Read More

Why is my IP Address Blocked?

Phishing and cybercriminal events in the world such as mail theft, malicious code added to websites, thieves are now in a digital environment, so our ISP/Service Provider companies such as your valuable data, e-mails, databases, etc. In short, we must protect all of your services from unauthorized access to a certain standard.

We use some firewall systems on our servers to protect your data and run it properly, and these systems interrupt some of our customers’ access, so we write this article for prevention and information purposes. Read More

How to create a travel agency website with WordPress

If you have a travel agency and you want to create or improve your presence on the web, this article for you. Discover the best tips that will help you put your business on the internet.

1. Domain registration and web hosting choice
Domain registration is the first step you must do to create a website for your travel agency. If your company has a name or if you are starting with a new brand, it is essential that you register the name on the internet. Remember that it is this name that people will see in your browser. Therefore it is essential that it is not very difficult to write, but that the same time retains your brand identity. Read More