8 tips to recover from Google Panda effect

Google Panda has a significant influence on the ability of SEO keyword on your web very much; I would like to share with you 8 tips that you collect from the great SEO pages of  if you have any useful tips, Please leave a comment to build a keyword for your website.

1. Check for SEO errors in your site

Sticking to the original Google Panda will make you a little shocked. Do not rush, sit back carefully and optimally SEO again before following the steps below.

2. Increase Bot traffic to a website

Increase the amount of Google bot to browse your site; this will help your site to be evaluated faster to be able to get rid of Google Panda sooner.

3. Internal link optimization

Adding links to deep pages, many of your old content pages may be removed by Google Panda, and Google is hardly able to reach this page because it is too thick to be able to update your index. Therefore, adding links to these old pages will make the bot easy to reach and reindex for you.

4. Deleted pages, poor quality articles

The more SEO I see Google like human beings, it is difficult to get over when Google is as big as the last time. So what “bad” is best to delete. If not, at least you should block the Bot with such pages.

5. Dealing with errors in Google Webmaster Tools

In Google Webmaster Tools there are HTML Suggestions and Crawl errors in the Diagnostics section, you need to research these settings and edit your website with errors and suggestions.

6. SEO On page Standards

Focus on the On-page SEO knowledge base. Google will share the basic SEO website guidelines for beginners. Although it’s just the basics, it’s pretty essential, and not everyone does the SEO that meets the basic criteria that Google offers.

7. Website Restructuring

Restructuring your website on the one hand to create higher interactivity for users, increasing the quality of the website, on the one hand also makes the bot easier access to information on your website.

8. Do not post too productive

When you stick Google Panda, Bot will visit your site lazy. Having 100 posts per day is also useless, take the steps above.

Hope these tips will help you a lot.
Good luck!

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